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Vitality T20 Blast 2019 All Match Prediction Astrology Bhavishyavani Who Will Win

Vitality T20 Blast 2019 All Match Prediction Astrology Bhavishyavani Who Will Win: Vitality T20 Blast is the world Favourite League that was established in the year of 2003 which is playing in England. Here we are talking about the T20 Blast 2019 which is the 17th Season of this league and in this league, the total number of the team who are participating in T20 Blast is 18 in this season which makes the League competitive and more wonderful to watch. The Vitality T20 Blast is started on 18 July 2019 to 21 September 2019, so get ready for the new league of T20 Blast who makes you feel excited about the matches and even you want any Match Predictions then this site will help you to give you All Match Predictions of Vitality T20 Blast 2019.

T20 Blast All Match Predictions

T20 Blast All Match Predictions

T20 Blast All Match Bhavishyavani 2019

T20 Blast All Match Bhavishyavani 2019

Vitality T20 Blast 2019 All Match Predictions Who Will Win Report

Last Year 2018 the Winner is Worcestershire Rapids and Leicestershire was the runner up but at this time every team is set up to take the trophy into their home. Every match is Critical and all teams want to win the match in anyhow because the Group stage is set up of Knockout Format so every match of T20 is Critical and must win the match. So to know more about the match you can comment or ask the expert, We will also help you to give the sure predictions or astrology by connecting in any social media format.

Previous Season Winner YearTeam
2005Somerset Sabres
2006Leicestershire Foxes
2007Kent Spitfires
2008Middlesex Crusaders
2012Hampshire Royals
2013Northants Steelbacks
2014Birmingham Bears
2015Lancashire Lightning
2016Northants Steelbacks
2017Notts Outlaws
2018Worcestershire Rapids

T20 Blast 2019 100% Match Winning Prediction Winning Chances / Percentage Report

In Vitality T20 Blast 2019 total Number of a team who are participating in this league is 18 and this the 17th Season of T20 Blast and the administers of T20 Cricket League are England and Wales. Here are the T20 Squad in below of a table 2019.

Vitality T20 blast Bhavishyavani Astrology

Vitality T20 blast Bhavishyavani Astrology

Group AGroup B
 Birmingham Bears Essex
Leicestershire Glamorgan
Derbyshire Sussex

2019 T20 Blast Match Predictions Astrology Bhavishyavani Report By Cricket Experts

T20 blast all match Schedule is out you can check here and get updated every day by knowing this schedule that which match is in which dates with the team list. Below is the table indicating the Schedule:

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2019 T20 Blast Match Predictions Who Will Win
18 July 2019 Essex Vs Middlesex
 Worcestershire Vs Nottinghamshire
 Somerset Vs Glamorgan
19 July 2019Birmingham Bears Vs Worcestershire
 Glamorgan Vs Gloucestershire
Northamptonshire Vs Durham
 Surrey Vs Essex
 Sussex Vs Hampshire
Nottinghamshire Vs Yorkshire
 Lancashire Vs Leicestershire
20 July 2019 Yorkshire Vs Derbyshire
Somerset Vs Kent
21 July 2019 Durham Vs Lancashire
 Leicestershire Vs Birmingham Bears
 Kent Vs Hampshire
23 July 2019Derbyshire Vs Birmingham Bears
Yorkshire Vs Leicestershire
 Middlesex Vs Surrey
24 July 2019 Hampshire Vs Sussex
 Northamptonshire Vs Nottinghamshire
25 July 2019 Middlesex Vs Gloucestershire
 Lancashire Vs Yorkshire vs
Glamorgan Vs Surrey
26 July 2019Birmingham Bears Vs Northamptonshire
 Hampshire Vs Somerset
 Durham Vs Leicestershire
 Worcestershire Vs Lancashire
 Essex Vs Kent
 Nottinghamshire Vs Derbyshire
 Surrey Vs Sussex
 Middlesex Vs Glamorgan
27 July 2019 Leicestershire Vs Nottinghamshire
 Gloucestershire Vs Essex
28 July 2019 Durham Vs Worcestershire
 Sussex Vs Somerset
 Lancashire Vs Derbyshire
Yorkshire Vs Northamptonshire
30 July 2019Kent Vs Surrey
31 July 2019 Derbyshire Vs Worcestershire
 Leicestershire Vs Durham
1 Aug 2019Hampshire Vs Essex
Kent Vs Middlesex
Gloucestershire Vs Glamorgan
2 Aug 2019 Worcestershire Vs Yorkshire
Kent Vs Sussex
 Surrey Vs Somerset
Derbyshire Vs Northamptonshire
 Essex Vs Gloucestershire
 Lancashire Vs Durham
 Glamorgan Vs Hampshire
 Birmingham Bears Vs Nottinghamshire
3 Aug 2019 Nottinghamshire Vs Lancashire
Hampshire Vs Kent
4 Aug 2019Hampshire Vs Kent
 Somerset Vs Middlesex
 Sussex Vs Gloucestershire
 Birmingham Vs Yorkshire
 Leicestershire Vs Worcestershire
6 Aug 2019Glamorgan Vs Sussex
7 Aug 2019 Kent Vs Gloucestershire
 Somerset Vs Essex
 Durham Vs Northamptonshire
 Birmingham Vs Leicestershire
8 Aug 2019 Surrey Vs Middlesex
9 Aug 2019Yorkshire Vs Lancashire
Durham Vs Derbyshire
 Essex Vs Glamorgan
Somerset Vs Hampshire
 Gloucestershire Vs Surrey
 Middlesex Vs Sussex
 Nottinghamshire Vs Birmingham Bears
10 Aug 2019 Kent Vs Somerset
11 Aug 2019 Nottinghamshire Vs Durham
 Northamptonshire Vs Worcestershire
 Lancashire Vs Birmingham Bears
 Gloucestershire Vs Middlesex
 Surrey Vs Glamorgan
 Derbyshire Vs Yorkshire
13 Aug 2019 Middlesex Vs Essex
 Glamorgan Vs Kent
 Lancashire Vs Northamptonshire
15 Aug 2019 Worcestershire Vs Durham
Sussex Vs Surrey
Leicestershire Vs Derbyshire
16 Aug 2019 Gloucestershire Vs Somerset
Durham Vs Yorkshire
 Derbyshire Vs Nottinghamshire
 Leicestershire Vs Northamptonshire
 Birmingham Bears Vs Lancashire
 Sussex Vs Kent
 Surrey Vs Hampshire
Glamorgan Vs Essex
22 Aug 2019 Essex Vs Sussex
Hampshire Vs Middlesex
23 Aug 2019Nottinghamshire Vs Leicestershire
 Somerset Vs Gloucestershire
 Surrey Vs Kent
 Yorkshire Vs Durham
 Worcestershire Vs Birmingham Bears
 Northamptonshire Vs Derbyshire
24 Aug 2019 Sussex Vs Middlesex
 Glamorgan Vs Somerset
25 Aug 2019 Derbyshire Vs Leicestershire
 Essex Vs Hamshire
 Lancashire Vs Worcestershire
 Northamptonshire Vs Birmingham Bears
 Yorkshire Vs Nottinghamshire
26 Aug 2019 Sussex Vs Glamorgan
 Derbyshire Vs Lancashire
27 Aug 2019 Birmingham Bears Vs Surrey
 Birmingham Bears Vs Durham
28 Aug 2019 Nottinghamshire Vs  Worcestershire
29 Aug 2019Gloucestershire Vs Kent
 Essex Vs Surrey
Northamptonshire Vs Yorkshire
Middlesex Vs Hampshire
30 Aug 2019 Hampshire Vs Glamorgan
Durham Vs Nottinghamshire
 Leicestershire Vs Lancashire
Middlesex Vs Somerset
 Gloucestershire Vs Sussex
 Yorkshire vs Birmingham Bears
 Kent Vs Essex
 Worcestershire Vs Northamptonshire
4 Sept 2019TBC vs TBC 1st Qualifier-Final
5 Sept 2019TBC vs TBC 2nd Qualifier-Final
6 Sept 2019TBC vs TBC 3rd Qualifier-Final
7 Sept 2019TBC vs TBC 4th Qualifier-Final
21 Sept 2019TBC vs TBC 1st Semi-Final
TBC vs TBC 2nd Semi-Final
TBC vs TBC Final

T20 Blast 2019 All Match Predictions Bhavishyavani Astrology Who Will Win Report

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